• SEF Unsoed 2014 Period

    We are Big family!

    SEF 2014 PERIOD
  • Student English Forum Unsoed Successfully Organized and Conducted The 15th Inter-Faculty Debating Championship on 31st May – 1st June 2014

    SEF successfully held its big occassions on “The 15th Inter-Faculty Debating Championship” in Graha Widyatama, Unsoed, Purwokerto, on 31st May – 1st June 2014. This 3 day competition was using asian parliamentary system and N1 adjudicator. Participants come from various faculty in Unsoed, there are 8 faculty set out from 23 teams. From this starting…

  • Translation, From SEF to Society

    Nowadays, people live in globalization, and information and cooperation easily cross boundaries. Furthermore, people need to understand the information or even the MOU in order to create good cooperation and undersatnding. Somehow, not all people know English and Bahasa very well, so they need to transfer the language in their own language through translation.
    As a…

  • Debate Competition!

    Have you ever done debate? If your answer no, may be debate in your mind is a debate competition with particular rules and systems. Actually debate is such kind of sharing your opinion in order to persuade others to accept or to refuse any ideas.
    According to Southwest High School, debate has some advantages, such as…

  • Pre Test TOEFL of SEF Organizer

    Purwokerto – TDD, as the one of the department in SEF has successfully held the pre-test TOEFL on March 1st 2014, which is participated by all the SEFers. This event was held to know the English Skill and TOEFL Score for each of SEFers. TDD also has a plan to hold an upgrading of TOEFL…

JSDC is Back!

Hello everyone, it’s been a year since our Teentanium Brilliance was left behind. This year, let’s approach our new “JSDC” with another spirit. This year will be different from the previous, there will be more sense of competitiveness inside of JSDC also you will see the atmosphere of JSDC, either it is sadness, happiness, all will be mixed together and become something that you will never forget of JSDC this year. So be brave, be ready, and brace yourself in Debaphoria! :)

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